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La Belle Inutile Editions are published by according to the Print On Demand principles.

La Belle Inutile is the name of a group of friends located in Europe, North America and South America who share a surrealist orientation and a common taste for mixing Arts, Sciences, Technology and ideas. is a technology company created in 2002 by Bob Young, previously a CEO of Red Hat. proposes to authors a complete control on printing, distributing and copyright of their works, without any prior funding.

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Dec, 2017


Images, poèmes et textes de Jan Karl Bogartte, Samuel Martin Ribitch, Dale Houstman, Jean-Pierre Depetris, Francine Laugier, Zazie, Pierre Petiot, Richard Misiano-Genovese.
Textes Anglais, Textes Anglais traduits en Français, Textes Français.
Images, poems and texts by Jan Karl Bogartte, Samuel Martin Ribitch, Dale Houstman, Jean-Pierre Depétris, Francine Laugier, Zazie, Pierre Petiot, Richard Misiano-Genovese.
English texts, French translations of English texts and French texts.

Paperback, Couverture souple, 106 Pages

Dec, 2017


What images germinate between the real and the imaginary? And Still The Navigators... is a book-length random sequence of prose poems/aphorisms that explore the sense of a deeper space, a primal fascination with language to the point of unsettling discovery. Situated between exterior and interior, and often blending into a metamorphic landscape for a more inclusive reality. "Grace is the art of luring ravenous dogs into a state of springtime."

Paperback, 98 Pages

Aug, 2017


Mythologies is a book of mysterious transformations, between the real and the imaginary. A contemporary surrealism, steeped in myth and the marvelous, to reveal what is only glimpsed in dreams. These images are the result of a descent into the unknown domain of a purely automatic exploration. Images that are inspired by the occult, alchemy, magic and sexuality joined in the always intoxicating realm of the Royal Art of the alchemical wedding. With Introduction and Preface by Leon Marvel and Jon E. Graham.

Softcover, 8×10 in, 21×26 cm, 48 Pages

Fev, 2017


A series of photo montages based upon x-rays of my hand; the jumping off point where the free play of imagery and the pathways of chance meet in the pursuit of the marvelous...

Paperback, 24 Pages

Nov, 2016

Liquid Dreams

Excursions into the unconscious mind, seeking new paths, new revelations, the marvelous! A series of collages herewith rising to the occasion to open the doors to the unexpected...

Hardcover, full color, 48 Pages

Sept, 2016


A surrealist novella, in 22 chapters, as a vague analogy to the 22 cards of the Major Arcanum of the Tarot, but more related to an unsolvable mystery. Recorded in the midst of exploration of that "vantage point" in the mind where the real and the imaginary "cease to be perceived as contradiction."
English and French texts, side by side, with an afterword by the translator,
Jean-Pierre Depetris.

Paperback, 170 Pages

Feb, 2016


Superimpositions are created with randomly overprinting images on top of existing printed images, selected from print sources including magazines. Using the principles of Automatism, images are randomly selected without forethought before overprinting.

Paperback, 54 Pages

Sept, 2015

Primal Numbers

Poetic prose. Surrealism. Exploration of language in semi-automatic writing.

Paperback, 96 Pages

July, 2015

Couverture 1

Introduction by Dr. Melanie Nicholson, author of "Surrealism in Latin American Literature: Searching for Breton's Ghost": "The seven contemporary artists gathered in Collage Redux represent a generation that bridges the gap between traditional and newer technologies, and thus offer the viewer an impressive array of collage techniques...

Paperback, 78 Pages

Nov, 2014

Couverture 1

Quelques nouvelles récentes de la mort de Dieu ou des traces persistantes de son insidieuse présence en six textes: 1. De la nécessaire simplicité de Dieu (P. Petiot) ; 2. Dieu est mort, mais lequel ? (J-P. Depétris) ; 3. L'intérêt comme religion (P. Petiot) ; 4. Labyrinthe de l'arc-en-ciel(G. Girard) ; 5. Le sexe et le Bon Dieu (C-L. Cauët) ; 6. Jarnidieu (A. Fernandes). Accompagnés d'images de Bernard Dumaine, Richard Misiano-Genovese, Pierre-André Sauvageot et Zazie.

Paperback, 98 Pages

March, 2014

couverture aure

A sequence of poetic fragments, unexpected gestures of consciousness. These notes are the "visible invisibilities" of sudden confrontations between what language can clarify and what it cannot, when the mind confronts itself through the imagination... when the imagination forms the body of many dimensions coming together at the point of no return. "And your veins filled with panther dust."

Paperback, 180 Pages

November 8th 2013

couverture Somnium digitale

Recueil d'images, poèmes et textes de Bernard Dumaine, Claude-Lucien Cauet, Guy Girard, Jean-Pierre Depetris, Ody Saban, Pierre Petiot, Thomas Mordant, Zazie

Couverture souple, 66 Pages

October 24th 2013

couverture Somnium digitale

15 years of surrealist digital artworks by Zazie, with texts by Karl J. Bogartte, Pierre Petiot, Jean-Pierre Depetris, Francine Laugier, Willem den Broeder.

Couverture souple, 160 Pages

October 4th 2013

couverture aure

A sequence of surrealist inspired prose poems, analogous to alchemical and occult explorations in alternate realities. Fragmentary glimpses of magical states of being, and descriptions of an identity, someone, a person existing outside of recommended cultural standards. Language as movement, mirroring an object of desire. New experiments in the poetic prose poem...

Paperback, 98 Pages

November 2012


Sept 2012


Issue 2

May 2012



A collection of dozens, these maxims span the 1990's through to the
presentday. Spontaneous, irreverent and thought-provoking in nature,
these "truisms" offer another perspective on the Human Condition.

Paperback, 96 Pages (La Belle Inutile Editions, 2012)


La Belle Inutile Editions announces the upcoming release:


La Belle Inutile Editions, 2012

10 28 2010


(Invisible As) The Sex of Port

13 Poems by Daniel C. Boyer. Cover and Illustrations by Richard Misiano-Genovese.

Soft cover 47 pages

Idealist Press International, Ltd.

6 22 2010

L'édition française de Loup-Garou magazine - Printemps 2010 - La Belle Inutile Editions - 50 pages, enfin disponible.

6 22 2010


Performances - Dialogues - The investigations, perceptions and discussions regarding spontaneous performances and the ramifications that followed. - Paperback, 22 pages

Richard Misiano-Genovese - Pierre Petiot

5 16 2010


Loup-Garou magazine - Spring 2010 - La Belle Inutile Editions - Paperback, 50 pages - Full color
Surrealism and its affinities magazine publication. Writing, art, photography...

5 15 2010

Luminous Weapons
The Mirror held up in darkness

Cover  Cover

Two new Karl Bogartte's books

5 5 2010

Black Studio

Couverture 2

Black & white photographs, book size: 8.5 x 11 (inches), paperback 252 pgs.

3 27 2010

Pour un Empirisme Poétique

Couverture 2

Dernier ouvrage de Jean-Pierre Depetris.

3 25 2010


Couverture 2

A new Richard Genovese's book.

12 20 2009

Here is a short movie that Roland Quelven made of Bogartte's work and poetry: La chambre de J. Karl B.

Sur le site Napolecitta

Secret Games

12 14 2009

Couverture 2

The second J.K. Bogartte's book, SECRET GAMES, is published!.

Images du monde flottant

12 1 2009

Couverture 2

Le dernier livre de Francine Laugier Images du monde flottant vient de paraître, avec des illustrations de Jean-Pierre Depetris.

Du peu de réalité

11 29 2009

Jean-Pierre Depétris (ir)réalisateur : le court-métrage sur les journaux de voyage à Bolgobol.

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