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Richard Misiano-Genovese

Couverture 1

Black Studio

A strange medicine cabinet. This studio space: once a radio station, then a Boxing ring, an apartment, a small business using computers with their reels of recording tape collecting and dispensing important information, then empty – the phantoms of the past echoing in its dim hallways and rooms. One day I enter to become a part of its history, as it determines to become a part of mine. I find myself late into the evening, contemplating my life’s fate as these images begin to emerge. Female figures arrive and the very first images from the very first years work appear now – sad and happy memories captured in the shabby, dark studio chambers. My first model in these attempts expires within 10 years of our having met, marking a somber calibration of the time spent in this broken building, while the others drift away into quiet lives, unknown to me. Over the years spent in this building, remnants of a glorious past, I witness nuns driving their car over a hedge, with the vehicle aiming skyward as if to reach he heavens. I see the homeless plant themselves in doorways. Mine even. I see the remnants of an automobile accident; young girls all dressed in their Sunday finest outfits heading to church. All the while I am attempting to capture magic of the image on film.

Black & white photographs,
8.5" x 11", paperback 252 pages

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Le 3 - 12 - 2009