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Richard Misiano-Genovese

Couverture 2


48 pages, 14.81 cm x 20.99 cm, $28.95
(Printemps 2009)

Excavations are collages made using a method developed in 1985 by Richard Misiano-Genovese, in which pictures or images are glued together in layers, and then a layer or layers are ripped in places, revealing the underlying image.

"One may at first think that Misiano-Genovese invites us to the questionable pleasures of vandalism. But that's not the case. Or not that much. Because when looking closer, one reaches the evidence that what is violent and destructive in Misiano-Genovese's art always finally reverses itself in a shimmering of innocence. In the depths of his tearings, how devouring and raging they may be - and are - always the silky shadow of a dawn is passing." P. Petiot


(Making surrealist use of Print On Demand)

Le 5 - 11 - 2009