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Richard Misiano-Genovese

Couverture 1


16 pages, 8,25 x 10,77", $17,50 (2007)

"... Concealment, the function with which we associate their use initially, as we imagine donning a masque, yielding to another when we think of the performance of a theatrical masque, which implicates masks in something that transcend's their ability to hide in the process of transforming them into agents of revelation. Neither an instrument of concealment nor an explicative one, a Misiano-Genovese masque is an implicative phenomenon.

"... The masque is an oneiric object. As much, it is the objectification not so much of a dream as of what Sigmund Freud called the dream work. It marks the welling up in conciousness of liberative forces that have succeeded in evading inhibitve censorship of the creative impulse." — JH Matthews


(Making surrealist use of Print On Demand)

Le 5 - 11 - 2009